Smack talk precedes knockout game between US and Colombia in Women’s World Cup

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EDMONTON, Alberta — Monday night, June 22 at 7 p.m., the US World Cup team takes on Colombia’s World Cup team in a knockout match.

Analysts and dedicated fans are taking notice of how Colombia is preparing for the match, by apparently bolstering themselves with tough talk.

Colombia’s history against the U.S. has to be disappointing to them. The USA has beaten them twice, with both matches ending without Colombia scoring a goal. Colombia will also be playing without their starting goalkeeper, due to a yellow card she picked up in the last game.

USA Today and FOX Sports report that Colombia’s Lady Andrade and Yoreli Rincorn are taking jabs before the match, referencing the London-Olympics match in which USA’s Abby Wambach got hit in the eye by Lady Andrade. The USA team won 3-0.

“They defeated us 3-0, however they said all sort of things because one of their players unfortunately got smacked,” Rincon said, according to NBC Sports. “But that happens in many matches. It always happens, there is a foul and a player is awarded a card following that episode. And because of something that happened three years ago, they’ve said things that have not been taken by us in the best way.”

“[The United States] belittle us. They think we’re a team they’re going to walk all over and it will be an easy game for them. … We’re going to beat them since they like to talk so much,” said Andrade.

The U.S. women did not take the bait, insisting instead that Andrade’s comments come as a complete surprise to them, though they did notice them.

“We’re obviously very excited to head to the knock-out round. Colombia is obviously a very good team, a very technical team. Very well-organized, lot of good personalities on their team and they’ve played very well in the matches I’ve seen. A good opponent and we’re going to have to be prepared and ready-to-go to deal with the issues they put out,” said Jill Ellis, USWNT coach.

Monday, 7 p.m. CT, on FOX Sports 1.

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