Missing his nose & blind, abused dog with 5 pounds of matted hair seems grateful

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Groomers and veterinarians at KC Pet Project shaved an abused and neglected Chow dog that they now have in their care.

They call the dog "Harry" because he had five pounds of matted hair on his body. It took staff two-and-a-half hours to shave him after they sedated him. The hair was not only heavy, but hardened and matted. Underneath the hair, he was emaciated.

"Even more disturbing, most of his nose is missing," said KC Pet Project in its Facebook post.

He is also partially blind due to scarred corneas from his eyelashes growing into his eyes.

Still, KC Pet Project says Harry is being gentle and sweet as they care for him.

KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project reminds the community that they can donate money to help defray the costs as they help animals like Harry. If you select the Roadrunner Fund, and pinpoint the money for Harry, then your gift will be matched by the Petco Foundation.

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