TSA breaks down what is and is not allowed on planes to make traveling smoother

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Travel tips might be redundant for the seasoned traveler but for the occasional traveler, the tips can help lines move smoother and make traveling easier.

In an effort to correct some very disturbing security breaches, TSA will hold a news conference Wednesday to speak about what travelers are allowed and not allowed to carry on a plane. At the news conference a representative from Homeland Security is set to go over the 311 rule for liquids, gels, pates and aerosols.

By informing travelers of what items they can put in their carry on bags, TSA said they hope the news conference will help lines move quicker and smoother.

"And you see them come up with bottles of water and big shampoo bottles and so and so forth," said Mike Maloney who travels nearly 45 weeks per year. "For the security folks it's got to be a real pain because they've got to say sorry you can't take that two gallon bottle of water through."

Click here for a full list of items that are prohibited from being carried onto a plane.

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