Family anxiously awaiting closure as mom’s plea in daughter’s murder case gets pushed again

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CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- A Parkville man is beyond ready for closure in the case against the woman charged with killing his daughter: the little girl’s own mother, Amberlyn Farrow.

Friends and family of young Josslyn Whitley Crawford sat anxious in a Clay County courtroom Thursday morning, prepared to hear the toddler’s mother enter a plea in the case of her daughter’s death. Instead, the plea hearing got pushed out a month. The victim’s family said one of the toughest parts of coming back again next month is having to see Farrow yet again.

FOX 4 asked Josh Crawford how hard it was to see his Farrow’s face in a Clay County courtroom Thursday morning. He said,

“You have no idea. No idea, nobody can really understand how I feel about it. I’m destroyed because of this and have been for the past two years. It just sucks,” he said.

Crawford struggles to find more words than hatred  to describe Farrow, his ex-girlfriend, charged with his daughter’s death.

“It’s hard every month coming back, a reminder,” he said.

The family continues to come back to the Clay County courthouse as the case drags on. Thursday’s update: a planned plea hearing for 28-year-old Farrow been pushed back to July 16.

The mother is charged with second-degree murder in the October 2013 death of 19-month-old Josslyn, who drowned in a pond while in her mother’s care.

Crawford’s mother, Brenda Lung, says it’s brutal for her son.

“It’s day to day. He calls me and cries because he misses his daughter. We all miss her. He struggles every day to get up and go to work, just for his other two kids,” Lung said.

One of those kids is baby 16-month-old Dani, the second child Crawford and Farrow share. He and his new girlfriend Brooke have a son, Lyric, who will be one next month.

Together, the family of four works as a team to pull past the pain of missing young Josslyn.

“That’s the hardest thing is she can’t be here with us and she can’t see her little brother and sister grow up,” Crawford said.

As the dad rolls around on the floor with his kids, he says it’s hard not to think about the baby who’s not there. Her memory is kept alive by pictures that line the walls.

“There’s a lot of things that she does, both of them actually, that remind me of Josslyn so much,” he said.

Crawford said he’s working hard to adjust and move forward with his new life, while trusting the system and waiting for the door on his old one to close.

“She deserves time. That’s all I want. She doesn’t deserve to walk away,” he said.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to meet July 16 for the next plea hearing. Crawford said the prosecutor told him Farrow needed more time to discuss the plea deal with her family. If the plea deal falls through, trial is set to begin in September.