West Virginia family traveling through KC has truck, trailer stolen with all belongings

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A cross-country move was halted when metro thieves left a family stranded.  The family is heading to a new life in Arizona, but they don't have anything left of their old one and are fuming.

It was supposed to be a fun, adventurous, cross-country trip for Rachel Soale, her husband, their 17-year-old son and the family's two dogs.

"Hit the road this morning by 10, 10:30," Soale said.

Everything they had was loaded in their Ford F-350 and trailer, as they left West Virginia for Phoenix, Arizona. But overnight or early Thursday morning, Soale says a thief or thieves stole their vehicle, their trailer, and everything that was dear to her family.

"Our entire wardrobe, furniture, appliances, heirlooms. Everything down to our socks, gone," Soale said.

She’s angry and her family cannot replace many treasures, and that's why the heartbroken mom cannot hold back tears.

"My son's pictures, pictures of my grandmother, the ultrasound pics of my son," she listed.

What's more, Soale’s husband is a 28 year commercial aircraft mechanic and he needs his stolen tools for work. The family searched the hotel's parking lot, notified the hotel's security and filed a police report.

"We literally have nothing but the house that we're moving to in Arizona," Soale said.

She made a desperate plea to the thief or thieves

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Just bring back the pictures, bring back my husband's tools," she said.

Here's a description of the missing truck and trailer:

White 2006 Ford F350 diesel extended cab:

West Virginia license plate: 7VL-295 (with 2016 tag)

White 2015 V-nose 24-foot enclosed trailer:

West Virginia license plate: C293568 (with 2016 tag)

If you have any information about the missing trailer and truck, please call (816) 234-5530. Anyone who wishes to help the family can call police at (816) 234-5171 or visit their YouCaring page. The family left Kansas City Friday afternoon in a rental car.


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