Boy Scouts’ preparedness comes in handy during severe weather at camp

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Boy Scouts are always prepared. That’s because they plan and practice, so that when something happens like severe weather, they’re prepared.

Boy Scouts at Camp Naish know how to let loose, but when duty calls, they also know how to step up and lead. Chase Landry sounded off an alarm when he noticed a storm brewing Tuesday afternoon.

“I noticed there were some clouds overhead. I said, 'hey guys that’s spinning. Oh that’s spinning!' And I went back and we activated the emergency procedures operations,” he explained.

Boy Scouts alerted the campers and then hunkered down in one of the 11 storm shelters. Keeping everyone safe is a big responsibility, that’s why emergency drills are practiced.

“I’m always concerned about the weather, always looking at the weather,” said director Scott Weaver.

Another storm slammed Camp Naish Friday morning. It forced nearly 70 scouts and leaders into a shelter.

“They were signing songs and telling jokes, sharing iPads and earbuds and it was a good time,” said Emily Burneson, the Platte City State Primary President.

By hour two, everyone was trying to catch some shut-eye. Being prepared is the reason why these scouts can have a little fun.