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Escapee David Sweat shot, in custody

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MALONE, New York (CNN) — Escaped murderer David Sweat has been shot and is in custody, multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation told CNN on Sunday.

He was shot twice in a field by a New York state trooper, a law enforcement source said. Sweat was taken into custody in upstate New York, close to the Canadian border.

He was transported to the Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, an officer at the hospital told CNN. His condition was not immediately clear.

No law enforcement officers were injured during his apprehension.

The arrest wraps up a more than three-week hunt for Sweat and his prison-break partner, Richard Matt. Matt was shot dead Friday.

Sweat was imprisoned at the Clinton Correctional Facility for shooting dead an officer who pursued him after a robbery he committed.

Behind bars, Sweat and Matt cozied up to a prison tailor and a guard who allegedly brought them tools, which they used to cut their way through a labyrinth of multiple barriers and underground passageways. They emerged to freedom through a manhole in the middle of a street.

Guards discovered them missing on June 6, during a routine bed check.

Law enforcement experts stressed Sunday that it’s crucial Sweat survive so that officials can learn exactly how he and Matt escaped, and who helped them.

“I’m sure he’s getting critical care very rapidly,” former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam told CNN as the news of Sweat’s shooting broke.

Alexandra Field reported from Malone and Deborah Feyerick from New York. Dana Ford wrote this report from Atlanta. CNN’s Ben Brumfield, Ray Sanchez, Linh Tran, Lorenzo Ferrigno, Shimon Prokupecz, Pamela Brown, Jennifer Moore, Polo Sandoval, Jean Casarez, Joshua Berlinger Camille Cava and Katie Tutrone also contributed to this report.

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