Doctors remove 5-foot hairball from teenage girl’s digestive tract

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INDIA — A teenage girl recently had to undergo surgery after a large hairball got stuck in her digestive tract, according to a report from The Mirror.

The Mirror reports that 15-year-old Kavita Kumari has what is called Rapunzel syndrome, which is an addiction to swallowing hair. In addition to eating her own hair, Kumari has allegedly eaten the hair of her classmates over the past year, which caused a massive back up in her stomach because according to i09 the human body can’t digest hair.

Kumari was recently taken to the doctor after complaining of severe abdominal pain.  During their examination doctors noticed a large hairball along her digestive tract by looking at CT scan. They also noticed a sizable legion in her stomach.

Click here to see photos of the hairball

**disclaimer: photos are very graphic** 

“Her condition was so bad that I had told her parents she might not make it through the surgery,” says Dr. Lal Bahadur Sidharth told the Mirror.

Kumari and her parents decided to risk the surgery in an attempt to remove the large mass. The surgery lasted nearly two hours, but doctors were able to successfully remove the hairball according to the Mirror.

“I didn’t expect the hairball to be this big,” Dr. Sidharth told the Mirror.  “After I removed it from her stomach we were shocked. I measured it and it turned out to be five feet long. I had never seen such a case before.”

The Mirror reports that Kumari is currently recovering in the hospital from her surgery, but she will attend counseling once she fully recovers.