Child hospitalized after near-drowning at KCMO water park

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kindergartner on a summer school field trip with her classmates had to be hospitalized after nearly drowning at a Kansas City water park.

Kayla Wilson says that her 6-year-old daughter, Mikayla, was with her Banneker Elementary School classmates and chaperons at the Bay Water Park in south Kansas City on Thursday when the incident happened. She says that her daughter told her that a classmate pushed her into a kiddie pool, hitting her head on the bottom of the pool.

Wilson says that the child's grandmother called her to say Mikayla nearly died at a pool.

"It was terrifying and shocking that I got the phone call and was able to come to the emergency rool and see my child with a lot of tubes in her," said Wilson. "(Her) belly was full of water. She has a blood clot in her eye right now. The two knots on her head."

Mikayla is currently recovering at Children's Mercy Hospital.

Wilson says that a male lifeguard told her that he didn't immediately realize her daughter was in trouble, nor did he know that Mikayla couldn't swim.

"He said that he thought Mikayla was just sitting there, so that's the reason why he did not approch her," said Wilson, who says that her daughter was underwater for five minutes. But Terry Rynard, deputy director for the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, says that the girl was not underwater for that long.

Rynard says that the lifeguard immediately jumped into the pool to rescue Mikayla when he saw she was in trouble, and says that she was crying, vomiting and breathing on her own. He says she wasn't in the water for more than a minute.

But Wilson says that the incident happened because nobody was watching her daughter.

"I'm very mad," said Wilson.