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Basehor residents salvage flood damaged homes

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BASEHOR, Kan. -- Residents woke up early Tuesday morning to start cleaning up after the storm in Basehor.

Kathleen Ferguson is tried to wash away as much damage as she could. Monday night, the storms slammed the Honey Creek Farm neighborhood and flooded homes

“All of the sewage pipes started bursting. The water kept rising, his jeep was completely submerged under water,” said Ferguson.

Her husband, John, took time off work to take care of his home. The couple woke up at 5 a.m. to clear out the flooded basement and garage.

“We heard a big bang noise, the garage door buckled and all of the water that was leaning up against the house, it flooded the garage,” said Ferguson.

Across the street, Catherine Sarenson called the City of Basehor for help and say they’ve been extremely helpful. She says the neighborhood has flooded three times now because the drainage systems aren’t working properly.

“I have somebody’s sweet potatoes and I have corn. That’s not from our development; it’s from the neighboring farm,” said Sarenson.

The City of Basehor does say flooding will happen if there is too much rain like there was Monday night. But Sarenson says something needs to be done before it happens again.

"The whole area fills up. Obviously there’s not enough of something here," she said.

Flooding is problem the entire neighborhood faces.

For Kathleen, it’s a long road to recover. She estimates at least $10,000 in damages.