Weston Tobacco owner overwhelmed by gratitude for cleanup help

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WESTON, Mo. -- Flooding hit parts of downtown Weston where one business owner watched as the power of heavy rain caused his shop to flood.

On Tuesday people in Weston found out that Corey Frisbee, the well-known owner of Weston Tobacco, was dealing with several inches of mud under about a foot of water following Monday night's rain.

He says he got offers of help from customers and other businesses to help him clean up. They all worked for about six hours, and got the place ready to open for business.

Frisbee says he's overwhelmed by the help he's received.

"One business sent me their employees for the day, and you know what, another one gave us a donation to cover the cost. I'm just very thankful,” he said.

As Frisbee watched the water rise around his shop, he knew the possibility for a flood was coming. He raced around and put all the cigars he could above water level. Somehow very little product was damaged.

The shop is on a flood plain, so Frisbee says it was designed with the idea in mind that someday there'd be water inside.

Frisbee says that also helped with the quick cleanup, but they still have quite a bit to do to get the place completely back to normal.