Joe’s Weather Blog: Yes summer will return! (WED-7/8)

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Oh my…this is not exactly pool weather. Gray, dank and drippy. As I expected and wrote about yesterday the heavier rains have stayed towards the SE of the KC area. Rainfall amounts of 1-2+” has fallen from near Carroll Co southwestwards into Linn Co, KS. In the immediate KC area, the amounts have been mostly under 1″. Also the temperatures are another big story as we’re in the process of setting one of those weird temperature records in KC. The coldest previous high is 70° set back in 1891. Today we’ll be lucky to get to 67° or so…easily breaking the record. Also we’re now experiencing the 11th wettest start to the year (1/1-7/8) in KC weather history as well.


Tonight: Partial clearing later tonight…with the potential of daybreak fog forming. Lows down into the upper 50s.

Tomorrow: Variable clouds and still below average highs in the near 80° range. Rain chances are low during the day but will be increasing tomorrow evening/night into Friday

Friday: Scattered storms in the area as the hotter air starts to nudge back into the region. Highs in the upper 80s later in the afternoon. Humidity levels will be going up considerably as we set the stage for a pretty ripe weekend around these parts.


Well setting record cold highs in July I guess is better than setting record cold highs in January. This will be the 1st July 8th in KC weather history with highs in the 60s. As I type this our high for the day has been 66°. IF that stands it will tie as the 2nd coldest high temperature in KC weather history going back to the late 1880s. Here are the coldest highs in July weather history for KC. Click on the image below to make it more readable…









Pretty impressive rankings for sure.

Meanwhile things will be heating up over the next 5 days…the weekend is shaping up to be hot and very humid. There’s once again a ton of moisture in the ground that will be evaporating…and that will turn into pretty thick dewpoints which combined with highs into the 90s…means surging heat index values…so summer will come roaring back.

The transition time appears to be tomorrow night into early Friday afternoon. As we make the transition, the risk of thunderstorms will be on the increase again. Then we should notice a significant jump in dewpoints and thus the muggy stuff will settle back into the region into Monday of next week.

As far as the “transition” time goes…there will be a weak wave lifting out from the SW Plains later tomorrow PM…this combined with an increasingly unstable airmass to the SW of KC should create storms that move our way later tomorrow but especially tomorrow night into FRI AM. It’s not out of the question there could be a few isolated severe storms with this…nothing too dramatic however.

The weekend issues are mainly heat related. The EURO has for the last several runs indicated the potential of convection in the region. This seems to be caused by various outflow boundaries meandering through the region. I’m not sure I buy it’s solution at this point…but it’s been persistent in these thoughts lately. The GFS model has very subtle hints of some activity in the region as well over the weekend, especially Sunday AM. So I guess it’s not inconceivable that there may be some isolated storms in the region over the weekend…but at this point I would say most locations look dry. It’s only Wednesday so it’s something for me to monitor for you.

That’s about it for today…have a great Wednesday. I’ll be involved in the FOX 4 Love Fund Golf Tourney tomorrow for most of the day so odds are there will not be a weather blog…IF I get a chance I might try and cobble something together later in the day.





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