Joe’s Weather Blog: Summer heat knocking on the door (FRI-7/10)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Your A/C is getting a break…but it’s about to start working overtime again as temperatures are on the verge of surging, and while clouds have kept temperatures below average lately…that is going to change big time beginning tomorrow and linger for several+ days.


Tonight: Evening showers will be moving away from the area…storm chances increase overnight to the north of KC towards the IA border. Temperatures wont drop too much overnight…down to around 70°

Saturday: Perhaps some morning clouds…overall though hot and increasing more humid. Highs near 90°. Heat indices flirting with 100°. Rain chances look minimal for any one spot however it wouldn’t shock be to see a stray storm or two develop with the instability that will be building through the region.

Sunday>Monday: Even hotter and more humid. We may be placed under some sort of Heat Advisory. Highs well into the 90s with high dewpoints creating heat  index values near 110 in spots.


It’s coming…trust me. A lot of folks may be enjoying this summer respite but we’re going to flip the weather around…and start broiling over the next 4-5 days or so. All the green terrain, all the moisture in the ground and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere will all conspire and make things very uncomfortable over the weekend into early next week.

The weather map this afternoon has a warm front set up to the south of the KC area. It will slowly move northwards overnight into tomorrow morning.


It’s not unusually hot yet in the southern Plains area…however as the dome of high pressure (or the heat wave generator) starts to expand from the deep south into TX over the next few days…it will get hotter and hotter. As a matter of fact the temperatures on MON may be between 105-110° in parts of central KS. Click on the image below to get an idea of what is going to happen on Monday.



It won’t be a picnic out there on Sunday either as I backtrack just a bit.


So the heat is pretty much a given.

Be prepared and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

There is rain on radar in E KS right now…


There appears to be a wave near Wichita moving NNEwards…so storms and additional rain will be possible (maybe some brief heavy downpours) into this evening.

Severe weather chances look pretty low to me at this point. We’re just not getting unstable enough with all the clouds, despite some sunshine that may crack through the clouds every so often. I guess it wouldn’t shock me if there was an isolated severe storm well to the SW of KC in the higher heat/humidity near the warm front. The SPC folks are watching an area from SW of Topeka to Wichita this afternoon.

We’ll keep an eye on radar for the next couple of days just in case!

Have a great weekend. I’ll get a blog or two done over the weekend…then next week I’ll be off. Assuming the weather cooperates the blogs will be few and far between for about 10 days or so.



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