Waterpark business soars with recent summer heat

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- There’s no better way to wash away summer heat than to slip and slide into a pool of water, and with the recent heat, business is finally picking up at waterparks like Super Splash USA in Raytown.

After a wet and breezy summer, the sun is beating down this week.

“We just wanted something that had a little more activity, slides,” said Nicole Lonergan, who brought her two young kids to the water park for the first time this summer on Monday.

It was also her first time at Super Splash USA because it made more sense, paying $22 in total to get in.

“Just because of the cost and these guys and the traffic, the walk, this was a little bit easier,” she said.

To take in account all of the rain we’ve had this summer, there are now mid-season passes on sale at this water park.

“It’s cutting down the passes for the people dealing with the rain who are now deciding to swim. So now we’re offering mid-season passes with a discounted rate,” said Katie Langley the aquatic supervisor.

A lot of people are cashing in on the deals. It might be Lonergan’s first time taking the kids, but it won’t be the last.

“Nothing better to do than be out on the water,” said Lonergan.