Vehicle smashes into three KCMO homes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More than forty years of memories, destroyed in a matter of seconds, thanks to the careless actions of a reckless driver.

Neighbors say they call Indiana Avenue the Indianapolis 500 because drivers race up and down that busy street. One family says a driver was going so fast through there Friday night that he crashed into one house, went airborne and destroyed a second house, before ultimately landing in the side of a third home.

Lisa Riley says her neighborhood is not a speedway, but she watched one driver race through the intersection at 39th and Indiana at about 9 p.m. Friday.

Riley said, “I was standing on my deck and I could hear him coming before he ever even lost control. That's how fast he was going. Then I heard boom, boom, and a really loud boom on the last impact.

Those three booms, she said, were the sounds of that driver slamming into three homes.

Homeowner Muriel Long said, “The car was airborne. It hit the yard next door and flew over and hit my house and the house next door.”

Long had just left her home of 44 years, minutes before the crash. Saturday morning, while taking in the sights of her demolished front porch, she said, “Where's the door? I don't even see the front door.”

Long said her home is a place she says everyone lovingly calls “Granny’s House” or “Dew Drop Inn” because everyone drops in. Saturday, it’s a pile of rubble; a front porch swing that’s rocked many of her loved ones; a bright sign now declaring her safe haven dangerous.

Long’s niece Tiffany Price and Price’s three children lived in the home as well, and Saturday, in the day-after daylight, the family is trying to find a silver lining.

“It's material stuff but it was our stuff and that's all we had so, like everything. The police told us if we would've been on that porch we would've been dead,” Price said.

Long said, “I'm so glad that they were not here because they usually are out on the porch. I watch cars speed up and down Indiana all the time. I never thought nothing like this would happen, I really didn't. I've seen a lot of things happen but I didn't think this was going to be one of them.”

Long has filed a claim with her insurance and is waiting for the next steps. In the meantime, neighbors are calling for change on their street.

“It would be nice to see a little more traffic control maybe some caution lights put up because there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood,” Riley said.

After talking with witnesses, FOX 4 asked police if the driver was under the influence. The response was that they couldn’t “confirm the driver’s condition.” No one from the inside the homes were hurt.

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