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Shawnee apartment flooding frustrates family of five

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Many people in the metro are tiring of the seemingly endless rain this summer, but a Shawnee couple says they have some real health concerns because of it.

Imagine moving into an apartment only to find out it floods every time it rains. One couple living at Fox Run Apartments says it’s been a nightmare for them.

Nicholas Bires and his fiancé Ashlea Daniel moved into their apartment in April.

"The drain wasn't keeping up, and the patio was filling up and 15-20 minutes it was flooding into the apartment," said Bires.

Any time it would rain, the patio started flooding.

"We called the emergency maintenance crew six or seven times, if not more," said Bires, who said maintenance usually told them they were too busy, and what they did do was of little or no help to them at all.

"They came out and gave us a small pond pump to use, as something to help, which ended up bringing the electricity bill almost three times higher from running that because of all the heavy rainfall we've been getting," Bires said.

"Having to deal with walking through water just to get to your kitchen is irritating, and then having kids jumping and splashing in wet carpet doesn't help either," said his fiancé, Ashlea Daniel.

Bires and Daniel have two little girls, both with asthma, and a newborn with multiple heart defects.

"It's very unnerving because I don't know if it's going to affect my child, who just came home from the emergency care unit, if it's going to affect his breathing, his breathing is already bad as is," said Bires.

"It`s overwhelming, especially at 3:00 in the morning," Daniel added.

Bires says maintenance showed up once unannounced.

"I told them it wasn't a good time, I told them I wanted to reschedule, so they stated that if I were not to let them into the patio, they were going to cut my locks off. They were threatening and unprofessional with me," Bires said.

Shortly after he received an eviction notice for refusal of maintenance, and must be out by August 31st.

"They stated that if anything happens flood-wise to the apartment between now and the time they install the pump, that it's going to be financially our responsibility and for anything that gets damaged, because of the refusal of maintenance," said Bires. "Financially we're strained at this point."

"You should be able to depend on those people to fix the problem," added Daniel.

We reached out to the apartment complex but were told they have no comment.

FOX 4's working for you, so we reached out to Shawnee's City Codes Enforcement.

They agreed to come out Monday for an inspection at the apartment.

The department says inspectors found that the apartment violates the International Property Maintenance Code, citing that "exterior walls shall be maintained weather proof", and "every window, skylight, door, and frame shall be kept weather tight."

On Monday Shawnee City Codes issued a warning to the apartment complex, and if it's not fixed, the complex will face a formal citation.