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Video: Dad records wife giving birth in car while driving to hospital

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PASADENA, Tex. -- One father takes distracted driving to new limits, by recording the birth of his first son while rushing to the hospital.

Jonathan and Lesia Pettijohn were on the way to the hospital, but their little bundle of joy couldn't wait.

In that three minute video Lesia goes from contractions, to her water breaking, to full on labor in the front seat of the family car on the beltway heading to Pasadena, Texas.

Jonathan says his wife told him to keep filming and not stop the car.

"For one thing, we don't have a cell phone with service, so we couldn't have called anyone if I would've pulled over. Number two; she said she wanted me to keep driving," said Jonathan Pettijohn.

"Once he was out I was like I gotta push the rest of him out and grab him and pick him up and I was like what do I do, what do I wrap him in? My shirt is pretty long I will wrap him up in that," said Lesia Pettijohn .

Jonathan and Lesia already have two little girls at home. Their new bundle of joy, Josiah, weighed in at 10 pounds, three ounces. He is their biggest baby and quickest birth.