Witness says no one helped homicide victim until police arrived at scene

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police confirm the name of a woman whose death they are investigating as a homicide.

Police say 31-year-old Misty Marion was found suffering from an undetermined wound, in a gas station parking lot near the Bay Water Park. Witnesses tell FOX 4 Marion was shot near the water park and ran to Express Mart for help. She died at a hospital.

A neighbor says it took 15 minutes for police to get there, and that no one tried to help Marion in that time. We're still waiting for more information from police, who still haven't confirmed the type of injury Marion succumb to. Meanwhile that neighbor says when he rushed in to try to help the Marion, he was told to leave.

Cellphone video captures the chaotic scene of a death that is being investigated as a homicide. Witnesses say the victim, later identified Marion, collapsed between two dumpsters.

“Come out, seen a lady lying on the ground in front of the Express Mart. From there it was just nothing but cops everywhere,” said Kyle Watkins.

He says he’s trained in CPR, and tried to rush over to assist.

“I was actually going over to help and was told I need to leave,” said Watkins, who says no one else tried CPR either.

He says Marion didn’t get medical attention until police showed up 15 minutes later.

“Pressure on that wound could have saved her a lot of blood. CPR could have helped a lot. If it was done a lot sooner it probably could have helped,” said Watkins.

On Sunday FOX 4 heard from Marion’s husband Tyler, who says he’s heartbroken over her death.

“She was a real friendly person. She thought everyone was her friend, and she tried to make friends with everybody. She didn’t meet nobody she didn’t like,” said Tyler Marion. The pair was separated, but had three kids together.

“How much she loved them so much. She always wanted to know ‘where my babies’ are,” said Tyler Marion.

“Now they’re growing up without a mom, and it’s sad, it truly is,” said Kyle Watkins, who says it hits too close to home since he has children of his own.

He says he’s seen more cop cars than he can stand in his neighborhood, and hopes police will soon locate Misty’s killer.

“I hope he’s caught, and hope that justice is served in every way possible,” said Watkins. If you know anything about Misty Marion’s death, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.