Dog who bit child in Greenwood has been euthanized

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Greenwood Police

GREENWOOD, Mo. — Greenwood police say that the dog who bit a child early Friday evening, has been euthanized.

On Sunday it was reported that the dog was a rescue dog  with a rough past and did not handle stressful situations well, which is what led to the attack of the toddler.

Police said the attack happened Friday in the 1100 block of Elm Street in Greenwood, Missouri.

Lt. Fordham of Greenwood police said the child is in stable condition at an area hospital. As of Sunday, the child’s condition had not changed.

Neighbors say they saw an officer at the scene put the baby in the back seat of a patrol car and drive the toddler and the mother to the hospital. Then EMS arrived minutes later.

“She was literally screaming, ‘My baby, my baby is bleeding. Help, my baby, my baby,’…It was horrible,” neighbor Michna Livingston said.

Lt. Fordham says police originally thought the dog was a pit bull but now they say it is a white dog of medium build.

On Friday Police said they do not know who the owner of the dog is, but told FOX 4 that they are digging through hundreds of records, trying to match the dog’s description with any they might have on file. Neighbors say a dog that matches the description lives inside the home where the attack happened.