4-month-old puppy left in hot car in Liberty strip mall expected to survive

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The 4-month-old puppy rescued from hot car in Liberty.

The 4-month-old puppy rescued from hot car in Liberty.

LIBERTY, Mo. —  The four-month-old puppy, who was in critical condition after his owner left him in a car at a Liberty strip mall for nearly two hours Saturday, is going to be okay.

On Sunday KC Pet Project released the above photo of the puppy, who is now in foster care. According to an employee at the organization, the dog is expected to make a full recovery.

On Saturday a woman who called 911 said she was leaving Target when she heard what she thought was a puppy crying in a car. When she looked around the woman said she noticed a pet carrier shoved on the floorboard of a nearby vehicle. She also said all of the windows were completely rolled up and a puppy was inside whimpering.

“I just thought, he needs help, and we have to try to get him out of there,” Cindy Smith said.

Smith said she tried the door handles and ran into several stores to see if anyone owned the vehicle before calling 911.

“I know what it feels like to get in my car and before I start it just those few seconds, it’s hard to breathe, chest feels heavy,” Smith said.

When police arrived they broke out a window.

“The only concern is getting the dog out and making sure it’s ok. When we pulled the dog out of the crate it did not look ok,” KCPD Officer Winter said.

The puppy was unconscious when the officer pulled it out.

Police rushed the four-month-old puppy to Pet Smart. Responders say its internal temperature was 107 degrees.

Hours after leaving the puppy in the car, witnesses finally saw its owners.

“He walked around the side of the car and looked at his broken window and said, ‘Ugh…we just replaced the front one a couple of days ago.’ Their level of concern is not where it should’ve been,” Smith said.

Smith says she’s disgusted but all she can do is pray the puppy survives.

“It’s just a very upsetting situation,” Smith said. “I don’t understand why people don’t leave their pets at home…shopping is not that important.”

The puppy was listed in very serious condition on Saturday.

As for the puppy’s owners, they are now facing animal cruelty charges.

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