Family and friends of Northland shooting victim celebrate her 14th birthday for her

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Reagan Class fighting for her life after being shot and even though she’s hospitalized, family is making sure it’s a birthday to remember.

A gunman broke into a Northland home and shot Reagan and her mom, Michelle Class, multiple times. It happened a few weeks ago and still 13-year-old Reagan is in critical condition.

Her 14th birthday is Monday but she’s hospitalized and bed bound.

“We're doing the purple and teal for Reagan's colors. Those are like her favorite colors,” Reagan’s cousin Jenni Jarmin said.

In purple and teal letters, friends are spelling what they love most about Reagan Class.

“Respectful, exciting, amazing, great, amazing and nice. She's really amazing. She's really smart,” Jarmin said.

The soon to be 14-year-old likely won’t be awake for her birthday, so her friends and family are celebrating for her.

“I think whenever she wakes up she will feel supported, and cared for,” said Jarmin.

Get well soons and love yous written in bold; messages friends and family are praying she will be able to read for herself very soon.

“I can't hardly stand looking at her this way. I want her fixed. I can't believe anybody would do that to a little girl,” Reagan’s grandpa Don Class said.

Police say this gunman ran into her Northland home and shot Reagan and her mom Michelle multiple times. Weeks later, the 13-year-old remains in critical condition.

“I want Reagan back. I want Reagan back. That's my hope. That's what we're all praying for,” Reagan’s grandma Patsy Class said.

Reagan’s dad had big birthday plans for his daughter. Before the shooting, he had planned on buying concert tickets to see her favorite band R5 perform at Midland. Although she can’t make it, the band heard her story.

"Hey Reagan we're R5 we just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thanks for listening to our music! We love you!" R5 said.

Loving messages from perfect strangers and from the ones who know her best.

"Happy Birthday Reagan," grandparents Don and Patsy Class said.

"Happy Birthday Reagan, we love you!" her friends yelled.

"Hi Reagan, it's daddy. It's, well it's your birthday sweetheart. I just wanted to say how much I love you and how proud of you I am. How strong you are. We are so excited you'll come home soon. We'll have a big birthday party for you, cake and ice cream; all your friends and neighbors. We love you sweetheart,” Dan Class said.

Family says Reagan is improving. She is not awake, but she has wiggled her feet and squeezed her dad’s hand. Doctors say the family just has to take it day by day and they’re hopeful she could make a full recovery.