Fans at the ‘K’ react to news of Royals’ big trade

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Fans are welcoming Cincinnati right-handed pitcher Johnny Cueto with open arms. Fans spoke with FOX 4 amid talks of the trade Sunday, before word was official.

There were some rumors about this trade happening Saturday night, but it fell through before the Royals’ game against the Houston Astros. Sunday though, word became official: Cincinnati’s right-handed ace Johnny Cueto is coming to town.

It didn’t take long for fans to jump on the Cueto train. Kyle Hershberger said, “It took me a couple minutes to make, my mom brought me the marker and I had some duct tape in my back seat so why not?” Decked out in a “Cueto” t-shirt, created with duct tape and a black marker, the fan showed off his makeshift tribute to the Royals’ newest roster addition.

Herschberger said, “He’s an inning-eater. He just pitched like eight innings, seven innings last game, so that’s a huge rest for our bull pen, so that’s our strongest strength.”

Fans are hoping this strong starter will enhance the team’s backbone bullpen.

Tracy Maloy said, “We need somebody to come in an actually get a good start.”

Another fan, a 13-year-old little league pitcher named Jack said, “I think it’s one of the most important positions in baseball.”

Some would say the Royals’ current starters lack consistency.

Jack continued, “Our starters can be on and off, I mean, it’s hard to tell.” But, with a top major-leaguer joining the boys in blue, hope is on the horizon. “That means we could do a lot better. Johnny Cueto is one of the aces for Cincinnati and so if we get him, I think that could be really good for us.”

“Welcome to KC!”

The Royals wrapped up a winning series against the Houston Astros Sunday, with a 5-1 win over the Houston team.