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Can separate sleep save your marriage?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Is your significant other keeping you up at night? More and more happy couples are sleeping apart. They said it`s the only way they can get any rest! Some even said sleeping separately saved their marriage.

"I see a lot of couples who sleep separately," said Dr. Shais Jallu, MD with St. Luke’s Hospital.

Similar to millions of Americans, Vanessa Tyrell snores. As she found out during a recent sleep study…really loudly!

“The sleep study technician who was watching and monitoring it and everything, he had to turn down his volume a little bit because it was so loud,” said Vanessa’s husband Ty.

“That was embarrassing to hear that,” Vanessa said.

The Tyrell’s are part of a growing number of otherwise happy couples sleeping in different bedrooms.

“A couple times a week, every few nights, not every night but definitely two or three nights a week,” said Ty.

Married for 13 years, five years ago the couple decided it was the only answer to a restful night.

"I would wake up and he would be gone so I would know that I was snoring and feel bad ya know, it made me feel awful,” said Vanessa.

Dr. Jallu said snoring is the number one reason why couples are splitting up at bed time.

“I think it's under-recognized. The severity of sleep problems in the country in people, especially in middle-aged people,” he said.

Dr. Jallu said a lack of sleep is serious. He's seen it ruin marriages.

"You know it leads to difficulty in physical intimacy between the couples because they don't have liking for each other because of disrupted sleep,” said Dr. Jallu.

The doctor said while sleeping apart may work for many couples, it's only a temporary solution. He said Americans need to identify and treat their sleep issues.

"I actually saw a patient yesterday who was having sleep apnea for years and was having a really difficult marriage and since we have treated his sleep apnea he is like really happy you know,” he said.

The Terrells tried nasal strips and new pillows. They had given up finding a solution to their sleep woes until recently.

“I was at the dentist's office getting a cleaning and I saw a little brochure sitting on the cabinet," said Vanessa.

After years of sleeping apart Vanessa was fitted for a mouth guard. And for the past month...

“The guest room is not being utilized as often. It's for the in-laws now," she said.

The doctor said if you're not getting any rest, see a sleep specialist. He said while most sleep disorders are treatable, most are not curable.