Community gathers to celebrate Reagan Class’ 14th birthday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Monday friends, family and perfect strangers came together to support the victim of a northland double shooting, who turned 14 years old on Monday.

The event was a celebration of Reagan Class’ 14th birthday. As Class remains unconscious in a hospital bed, supporters wanted to make sure to celebrate the day the way they say Class would have if she was able to.

The Kansas City Fire Department was there with one of their trucks, and a bounce house was donated for the kids, and all the food was donated for the event as well.

The celebration was an effort to not only show support for Reagan and the entire class family, but also a get-to-know your neighbors sort of event.

Lots of teal and purple, which friends say are Reagan’s favorite colors, could be seen as well as some pretty funky socks being collected.

One friend of the family decided Reagan needs some cool, colorful and fun socks to wear as she lays in a hospital bed recovering from her injuries. They said being able to look down at them might help bring her some much needed joy.