Johnson County homeowners could soon see increased property taxes

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Johnson County homeowners might soon have to pay higher property taxes.

The public will have a chance Monday tonight to speak out on the proposed tax hike, which is the first in nearly a decade.

Johnson County Commissioners have already given first round approval on this.

The money raised would be used to improve the quality of life and pay to renovate the county library system, upkeep area parks and improve public transportation.

If the tax increase is officially passed, $261,000 house will cost you an extra $8.26 per month while a $400,000 home will see an increase of $12.66 per month.

Johnson County Commissioners say this extra money is needed to serve a growing population. As for specifically how the money would be used: Commissioners say it would pay to make improvements to the Corinth, Monticello, Lenexa and Blue Valley libraries. It would also expand routes in the Johnson County transit system and help the county develop new parks and trails on land the county owns but has not yet developed.

The public meeting is set for 7 p.m. Monday at the Administration building at 11 S. Cherry Street in Olathe. The final vote on the new budget and property tax hike will take place August 13th.