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North Kansas City School teacher under investigation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Tuesday, the same night parents were enrolling students and getting ready for a new school year, a former teacher is under investigation.

Administrators Northgate Middle School wouldn't answer many of FOX 4’s questions on Tuesday about why the former teacher is being investigated.

The school did, however release this statement:

"Thank you for your inquiry. [Teacher's name] is no longer an employee of North Kansas City Schools, and we are fully cooperating with the investigation."

It confirms that the teacher in question no longer works for the school and administrators at Northgate Middle say they are cooperating with the investigation.

The statement doesn't put parents FOX 4’s Molly Balkenbush talked to at ease though.

They are concerned for their kids who go to the school, and upset they learned about the investigation from us and not from district officials.

“I'm shocked to be just now hearing about it especially it seemed like to me the school would have sent out something to the parents that have children that are coming up here and to the parents who already have children here,” said parent Shelonda Saxton.