Overland Park man says city citations are ridiculous

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – An Overland Park man has received several complaints about what he chooses to keep in his yard, but he argues that it’s his right.

David Hass has covered his front yard with all of these American flags. He says he should be able to; it is his property. In all there are 144 flags.

That’s 144 ways Hass is showing the city that he can put whatever he wants in his yard. His first attempt didn’t go so well.

He dragged out a lot items to his front yard just weeks before. He did it to protest against what he says are absurd city codes.

“Couches, love seats, I had a $1,500 bench mark leather recliner,” he said.

The city collected much more: carpets, rugs, a console TV, a stereo and speakers, lamps, miscellaneous vases and glassware, three refrigerators (one old, two dorm-sized), a number of sofas, chairs, cushions, fish tanks, a window AC unit, a central air AC unit, a number of tables (wooden, glass-topped, etc.), a dishwasher, cases of bottled water, Red Bull, and beer, a shelf of drink mixers, two blow-up pools filled with green, stagnant water, fans, three lawnmowers, a weed-eater, several miscellaneous shelving units, electrical cords and power strips, detached guttering, detached fencing, a wheelbarrow, seed spreader, a bathroom sink, a pile of ceramic tiles, trash and other miscellaneous debris.

After several complaints from neighbors, the city of Overland Park cited the property owner with three citations. But Hass says the city has bigger problems to fix.

“It’s absurd for him to bring it up when there’s so much war activity back there,” Hass said.

He’s talking about the storm drainage project that’s torn his backyard and street apart. To make it less of an eyesore, he’s covered his yard with flags. After all, he says the city can’t hate patriotism.

For now Hass says he’s going to try and comply with all the city codes.

The city says it has a responsibility to respond to all complaints and to keep neighborhoods clean.