Local summer camp goers try and beat the heat

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PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Most kids love summer camp, but when it gets dangerously hot out, camp activities have to be tailored in order to keep kids safe which means plenty of water and shade.

"I like that we get to go swimming and horseback riding," said Eden Haught, a Camper at the Heartland Center.

"There`s a lot of friendly faces and a lot of friendly people," said another camper, Rachelle Perez.

There are so many things about summer camp that kids enjoy, but with high temperatures, it becomes a top priority to ensure everyone stays hydrated while participating in those activities.

"It would not be unusual to see a summer where we would have several days in a row of 100 degrees or more," said Dan Scheneman, the Executive Director For Heartland Center, where summer camp starts at beginning of June goes until mid-August.

"Hydration is key, we have water breaks at least every 45 minutes to an hour," added Scheneman.

On Tuesday campers spent time in the pool to cool off a bit.

"I like that we get to swim a lot and you can go under water and do front flips and back flips," said Haught.

"The teachers usually throw us and dunk us, and it`s really fun," added Perez.

And sometimes they even bring out the slip-and-slide.

"It`s like this big long slide that we run onto and we slide down the hill and get drenched in water and soap," Perez said.

"Our high action activities happen during the morning or the evening, and so during the afternoon when it`s hottest we do a lot of water activities," said Scheneman.

When they're not at the pool, they play games in the shade, and take a lot of breaks.

"It`s really fun having to do a lot of sports," said Haught.

"Every child carries a water bottle with them during the day, at lunch and all meals before they can have a drink of Kool-Aid or something else, they have to have two full glasses of water," Scheneman said. "The great thing about camp is that it never seems as hot at camp as it does in town."