Metro man meets misfortune when his specially-equipped van is stolen

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --   A disabled man from the metro needs help, replacing a vehicle that allows him to live his life.

His loved ones say his van has been stolen; one that's specially-equipped to help him get out of his wheelchair to ride around.

Jennifer Webber says it's been a heartache. She says it was Tuesday morning when she and her disabled boyfriend, 25-year-old Wesley Jones, left their east Kansas City home, to find his accessible van had been stolen from its parking space.

Jones, known to his friends as "Dice," has been a quadriplegic since March. "Dice" lost the ability to walk after being shot at a peace gathering in Florida. Jones had already lost an arm and a leg in a separate incident.

“I came out here, and I was like, 'Oh my God',” Webber recalled.  “I really thought it was a joke.”

When Webber found the van had been taken, she knew it posed a threat to "Dice's" recovery.

“It's like an essential,” Webber said. “We have to go and pick up his meds. We have to go to doctors’ appointments all the time.”

“It's hard to get around as it is,” Jones said. “That van got me from point A to point B.  It's kind of sucky that someone had to take it.”

Webber says the 1996 Plymouth Voyager has a special lift, used to pull "Dice" from his chair and into the van. She says it also carried supplies he needs, such as a respiratory machine and adult diapers.

A spokesperson from the Kansas City Police Department confirms Webber filed a report, seeking assistance in finding the stolen automobile.

“I wish [the car thief] thought about it before he did it, you know?” Jones said. “I hope he needs it more than I think I need it.”

Webber says without the van, "Dice" doesn't even have a means of getting back and forth to his doctor visits, which happen several times each month. She says thieves didn't merely take a vehicle. They took part of her loved one's life.

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