Kansas expected to announce $50 million budget cut

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ROELAND PARK, Kan. -- Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s office is expected to announce another $50 million budget cut Thursday.

The cut is part of an effort to balance the budget.

There is no word on what the Governor plans to cut from the budget. The only thing he's said is it will not affect K-12 schools, but it could affect higher education and social services.

In June, the legislature passed a budget that raised the sales tax to 6.5 percent and raised taxes on cigarettes. The tax increases have already gone into effect, but lawmakers also told the Governor he would have to continue to make cuts and cut $50 million from the current budget.

The cut is necessary because three years ago, the Governor cut income taxes and gave businesses tax breaks. Losing that revenue stream is hurting the bottom line.
The Governor has already cut tens of millions of dollars from the state budget and many agencies across the state have had to eliminate positions and cut services. Schools have had to eliminate programs and fire teachers.

While supporters say the government is just cutting the fat, opponents say the budget cuts are hurting the people who depend on these funds and services for their well-being.

Gov. Brownback will not be at the announcement. He will be in Wichita to meet with business leaders.

The announcement will be made at 4 p.m. Thursday from Topeka.

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