Uber now allowed to pick up passengers at KCI Airport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Travelers arriving at KCI Airport have a new option to get them where they want to go when visiting Kansas City.

The ride hailing service Uber is now picking up passengers at the airport.

Since it began operating in Kansas City, Uber could drop off passengers at the airport, but those arriving here had to use taxi cabs stationed at KCI.

Customers summon Uber drivers, who use their own vehicles, using a smartphone app when they arrive at the airport.

New rules allow Uber drivers to wait in the taxicab staging area until the app notifies them of a customer.

Travelers like the idea of having more options, and expect competition from Uber to help keep fares lower.

"I think it's just the convenience and the quickness," said Mikki Cummins of Kansas City. "Just being able to have that option, kind of last-minute. The crazy thing about Kansas City is it seems like it can take forever to get a cab so, you can wait an hour or hour-and-a-half depending on where you are."

Traditional taxi drivers told FOX 4 there's plenty of money for everyone at the airport. And others say the free market is at work to determine which services survive.

In a prepared statement Uber's general manager says the expansion to KCI Airport is good news for many Kansas Citians, from the drivers who will now have additional earning opportunities to residents and visitors who now can get to and from the airport at the touch of a button.

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