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Waldo community misses longtime resident who died after accident while out on a walk

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 95-year-old Kansas City woman is being remembered by friends and family after an accident on Saturday, July 18, took her life.

A car hit Marie Giesing in the parking lot at Governor Stumpy's Grill House in the Waldo area.  Friends say Marie Giesing had walked the mile to her church, Saint Elizabeth Church at Two East 75th Street. A restaurant employee was backing up her car when she hit what she thought was a bag of trash, but when bystanders flagged down the driver, she discovered she'd hit Marie.

A week later, Marie died.

"God reached out and said, 'Come on, Marie'. There's no doubt in my mind," said one of Marie's best friend, Carol Chatfield.

Marie had lived in the Waldo area for 50 years, and many in the community knew her.

Marie was also an avid walker and always on-the-go.

"She was like the Energizer Bunny." Her friend remembers her finding her at the back door one day, standing in the doorway with her arms raised, doing arm exercises.

Marie Giesing worked at Macy's, Dillard's and was once a waitress, her friend told FOX 4's Robert Townsend.

After Marie's husband died almost five years ago at age 86, Marie continued to live in Waldo. Her friend says she loved to watch the children.

Marie was also described as spunky, alert and frugal.

"She just really like to spend a dollar on stuff. A dollar was kind of her thing and when she bought bananas she bought one banana."

"We would hug and she told me she loved me. It was a wonderful friendship," Chatfield said. "She was just a hoot. She was so funny."

Her friend say Marie recently found $20 and instead of saving it or spending it on herself, she bought things for others.

"She was a very caring person. She looked out for other people, very kind," Chatfield said."She was delightful. She was truly a gift."


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