Trenton firefighter dies in tragic sky-diving accident

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TRENTON, Mo. – A beloved Missouri firefighter died in a sky-diving accident Saturday.

Some men are saying he’s the best firefighter they’ve ever known.

Investigators say 30-year-old Eric Lorenz died following the accident which took place in Lexington, Missouri. His main parachute did not fully deploy and the reserve parachute got tangled in the main parachute lines.

Trenton Fire Chief Rick Morris said, “We’re going to honor his life by still doing our job, still getting on that truck. He set the standard, he set the bar very high.”

A picture of Lorenz, in a sharp, starched uniform; his professional headshot hung in the hallway at the fire station. His boss says he worked his way to the top.

Pointing at Lorenz’s gear and helmet in its spot along the wall, the chief said, “Look at his helmet right here. You see the battle scars of firefighting. You don’t get those from it sitting on a shelf.”

Morris said as department’s training officer, Lorenz oversaw the young career of every new firefighter. He also taught volunteers in neighboring counties.

“He strived for education. H was so proactive and touched the lives of so many people,” Morris said.

The chief said it’s the little casual moments the chief he’ll miss.

“I talked to him Friday in fact, in his office and we were joking around,” said Morris.

He said now, the call to duty that brought them to the same profession is the way his brothers will choose to honor their friend.

“In our line of work, we always get on the truck again. No matter what. We always respond no matter what,” Morris said.

Lieutenant Lorenz leaves behind a wife and two toddlers, and also his parents as well. The mayor of Trenton ordered the city to lower the flags to half-staff in his honor.

Funeral services for Lt. Eric Lorenz are scheduled for Wednesday, August 5 at 11:30 a.m. at the Trenton High School Gymnasium. There is no scheduled family visitation.

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