Great Plains SPCA asks for well wishes for Reece’s owner after he was hit by car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An update to a touching reunion caught on camera inside one animal shelter.

About a year ago, Michael Herrick had lost his job and home and couldn't afford to keep his best friend, Reece. Things turned around and last week he went back to Great Plains SPCA in Independence with the hope of getting Reece back.

Reece was still there and ran into his owner's arms. The moment was caught on video, and since has gone viral all over the world.

When Great Plains SPCA called to follow up with Michael and Reece, it was discovered that after their reunion, Michael was involved in an accident and had been in the hospital.

This is the update from Great Plains SPCA's page:

"Remember the emotional reunion between Reece and his dad, Michael Herrick, that we shared last week? Since posting on Monday, his story has gone viral, shared around the world on AOL News, The Dodo, Animal Planet, ViralNova Animals, and countless news stations from here to the UK and Japan!

We had been trying to reach Michael to catch up and see how Reece was doing, and were shocked to hear that just days after bringing Reece home, Michael was hit by a car while riding his scooter and had been hospitalized in the ICU. His jaw was wired shut, so we were unable to speak with him until this weekend. He assures us that Reece is doing well, cared for by his roommate and family, until he was released from the hospital on Friday.

He is grateful for the kind words of everyone who saw his story, and is overjoyed to have his best friend back in his arms – especially given recent events. We are following up with him and doing what we can to help him out during this difficult time. Can you help us by wishing him well in the comments below? We know it would mean the world to him."