Northland family says water service in their subdivision has been inconsistent and unreliable

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Their sinks are running dry and water service to a new Northland subdivision has been unreliable.

To make matters worse, neighbors in the Copperleaf subdivision in Kansas City North say no one's helping fix the problem.

Copperleaf resident Allyssa Kennedy says when they flush their toilets, the water doesn't always work properly. Kennedy says it’s been a problem for her family for the last two months -- ever since they've owned their home off Flintlock Road. Kennedy says it's a hassle her family didn't sign up for.

“We just want this hassle gone from our lives and to have water working again,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s family has a newborn baby girl, and the water pressure is often so low, Allyssa and her husband can't bathe the baby, much less do for themselves.

“We've had significantly low water pressure to where we would be unable to take a full-fledged shower or the faucets would be kind of drippy instead of a full stream of water,” Kennedy said.

A cell phone video clip from the Kennedy's kitchen shows how turning a knob often runs dry.

The Copperleaf neighborhood is a reasonably new build. Company President James Peterson says it is 10 years old, and more homes are being built. The social network Nextdoor shows neighbors from Copperleaf complaining about their inconsistent water pressure, saying sometimes, their water simply disappears.

“It’s something you kind of expect as a basic amenity in a home,” Kennedy said.

Peterson told FOX 4 News he's working to fix the problem, but he's unaware of anytime water flow completely vanished from Copperleaf. Brooke Givens, a spokesperson from Kansas City Water Services, says a series of digital monitors have been installed, which will make a 24-hour record the water pressure.

And in the two months of her family's living here, Kennedy says they've never failed to pay the water bill on time, and that's while never receiving consistent service to the home.

Givens reminds us about the city's 3-1-1 service. She says placing a call to the city's action center usually gets a response within a day.