Semi-truck stolen in broad daylight from locked business in Riverbend

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RIVERBEND, Mo. -- A semi-truck was stolen in broad daylight from a locked parking lot in Riverbend, Missouri, and now the owner believes surveillance video offers clues as to what might have happened.

“I can’t believe it,” said owner Mike Carr. “I mean, who steals a semi? And how do you not get caught driving a semi? So I don’t know what to say. I’m still kind of shocked about it.”

The truck went missing around 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon from Shad’s Fleet Services, Inc., near 291 and 210 highways in Jackson County. The business was closed at the time.

Carr calls it a well-choreographed crime.

“I can’t believe somebody’s got the gall to do that; steal a semi in broad daylight,” he said.

His maroon 2003 Kenworth T800 semi-truck was parked inside a parking lot with a locked gate, which appears to have been busted through.

“They didn’t ram the gate,” Carr explained. “They just put pressure on it enough to break the chain.”

Carr uses the truck for work and said a GPS tracker inside it started pinging, alerting him that it was moving. The pings lasted about 10 minutes, showing the truck traveling south toward 291 and Kentucky, before falling off the map.

He believes the only clue as to what might have happened lies in this surveillance video from a nearby gas station. It shows two other semis, a black and a white truck, pull into the parking lot around the same time. The drivers never get gas or go inside.

“At the exact same time that the GPS on my truck pinged that there was movement,” Carr said, “a semi pulled over here next to the gate and it blocked the view of the camera just long enough for [my] truck to be breaking through the gate, then after that both trucks left.”

Carr doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. He believes the thieves clearly did their homework on where the surveillance camera was positioned so they could park at just the right angle to block a shot of his truck driving away.

He now has a message for those responsible:

“I hope you get caught,” he said. “I hope they find you, because you affected people’s lives. I got a four-year-old. I got to feed him.”

His truck has an Illinois license plate labeled P845077. If you’ve seen it, call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at (816) 524-4302.