Shawnee couple recovers after being attacked by ax wielding neighbor

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- A Shawnee couple is recovering after their neighbor allegedly attacked them with an ax.

Anthony Townsend is charged with aggravated battery and aggravated burglary.

When tragedy struck, a community rallied together and Angie Scott is at the forefront.

“Everyone on Facebook is like what can we do to help? People who don’t even know the family offer to help,” she said.

On Saturday, she says her best friends Cindy and Bob were attacked in their own home. Reports say the next door neighbor came through the garage swinging an ax.

“Had Bob not stepped in front of Cindy or had he left like he was planning to do, I don’t know what would’ve happened,” she said.

Scott says Bob took the brunt of blade with cuts to his thigh. Both were sent to the hospital. Their two sons were there to witness it all.

“Bob was a hero, Bob jumped in front of a swinging ax and he helped his wife and family and protected them and fought this guy with a broken leg. And the family jumped into help and the police were there immediately,” she said.

Her two boys are best friends with the Dyche’s boys. She says they’re like family.

“For the boys to watch that, what they’re going through, having to watch their parents be attacked. It breaks my heart for them. I can’t imagine my children watching something like that,” Scott said.

This comes a week after the Dyche’s said goodbye to hospitals. Their son Bobby was finally cancer free. Now Scott is once again spearheading recovery efforts.

“Our group of friends went over and helped clean their house and got over the leftover remains from the crime scene cleaned and got ready for the family to come back home,” she said.

She says the Dyche’s are such caring and forgiving people, that the first thing Bob asked was how his neighbor was doing.

“They’re close friends to this family and no one would expect something like that to happen,” said Scott.

Police say Townsend suffers from a history of mental illness.

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