Tires thrown off of bridge onto I-435, damaged four vehicles

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police say someone threw tires off of an overpass crossing Interstate 435 Sunday night and damaged several vehicles crossing under the 83rd Street Bridge.

Police say four tires damaged at least four vehicles in the southbound lanes of I-435, but luckily no one was hurt.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says the crossing has been closed for several years. There are plans to demolish the bridge, but no money yet to pay for it.

As a result, the secluded structure has become a dumping ground, and now a place to throw objects down onto traffic without being seen.

Neighbors along 83rd Street say something needs to be done before someone is hurt or killed.

"If one person do it, they are going to say, 'Oh yeah we caused that to be on the news,'" said Ricardo Terrell, who lives on 83rd Street near the bridge. "So people will probably try to be cool about it and continue to do it."

MoDOT says until it can schedule the bridge for demolition, the agency will consider all options to prevent something like this from happening again, including putting barricades on the closed roadway to prevent vehicles and foot traffic from getting to the bridge.

"It's not carrying any traffic as you can see," said Marcus Slaughter, MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent for Jackson County. "It's been closed for some time we are looking for ways to be able to demolish it. We have been in talks with Kansas City to see if we can get that worked out. Again it is on the list but at this time we just don't have the funding for it."

MoDOT does not have an estimate on what it would cost to demolish this structure. A railroad crossing was removed on 83rd Street, preventing traffic from using this route and closing the bridge.