Teenage fast-food worker helps elderly woman to her car, receives unexpected web praise

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- It's probably not as rare as many of us think, but an act of kindness by a teenager toward an elderly woman has received social media's love.

It happened in Tennessee, outside a Hardee's restaurant. A 17-year-old who works at the restaurant was seen helping an elderly woman to her car.

"I opened up the door for her and when she started to walk, I saw that her car was at least all the way across the parking lot so I decided to stop everything and help her walk to her car,” Kailen Young told WGN via Skype. (Watch the interview in the player above.)

A man named David Yardly saw the attention Kailen gave to the woman, snapped a picture and posted to Hardee's Facebook page.

Hardee's corporate office rewarded Kailen with a $1,000 bonus. He's still in high school, but plans to attend the University of Tennessee to major in engineering.

"It’s surprising how big it’s gotten just based on doing something that I regularly do,” Kailen said.


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