Movement keeps a metro 9-year-old’s spirit alive through traveling bracelets

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro girl dreamed of traveling the world, but sadly won’t ever get the chance. Now her family hopes you`ll join “Kirsten's Traveling Krew” to make her dream come true.

Kristen's story

Kristen's story

Nine-year old Kirsten Wrisinger fell in love with traveling, when her grandmother Lou Anna took her on a trip to Germany.

"She's like, ‘you know what? I want to be a flight attendant.’ I’m like ‘that's cool.’ She said ‘that way I can fly everywhere.’ I said ‘just don't forget grana!’” said Lou Anna.

Sadly, a car crash took the nine-year-old’s life.

Since Kirsten's death her grandmother, Lou Anna, realized while preparing for a trip to Canada, that traveling without Kirsten, just wouldn't be the same.

"So I ran in and got some bracelets that we had made for her, and grabbed these, and I took them and hid them on my path,” said Wrisinger

Bracelet for Kristen

Bracelet for Kristen

She then posted her experience on Facebook, which eventually became a movement of sorts. With the help of family members, Wrisinger started circulating the bracelets, along with Kirsten's story. Folks have posted pictures of the bracelets from places like Mount Rushmore, the grand canyon, even as far away as Rome, Italy.

"I think it's helping Brandy and her dad to read these stories, and see that lives are being touched," said Wrisinger.

So the next time you take a vacation be on the lookout! You never know when you'll get the chance to keep Kirsten's dreams of travel alive.

If you want a bracelet of your own, visit the "Where is Kirsten Marie now?" Facebook page.

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