Web.com Golf Tour superstars play in Overland Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Tomorrow’s stars might be here today; professional golf's next generation of superstars are in Overland Park, and the Web.com Tour's visit could mean a big purse for local businesses.

In this setting, low scores can turn into a high profit.

It's the fifth time that LionsGate in Overland Park has welcomed in the PGA Tour's secondary tour, and the newly renamed Digital Ally Open. When this up-and-coming golf event brings its 156 players, local business owners are the winners.

“It’s something to be proud of,” Kelly Eddy, tournament executive director, said.

Eddy also helps manage the Kansas City Crusaders, a non-profit organization that uses professional golf to help businesses grow.

“We're so proud of the teams this year. So to have another professional sport in town is something we love,” Eddy said.

When fans visit the area near lions gate to follow the pros, their paths often lead to local eateries and stores.

“They come to our event during the day and go somewhere afterwards,” Eddy said.

Eddy estimates the tournament brings as much as $6.2 million in business to Overland Park. Restauranteurs aren't waiting for fans to come to them. Many of them are on the course, including Kevin Timmons, who has owned Nick and Jake’s on 135th Street for 14 years. He's donated all the food and beverages for the 17th green hospitality area, because he believes golf is good.

“We believe in them,” Timmons explained. “We want everyone to be successful. I think giving back a little really keeps the community healthy. That's the main thing. We believe.”

The future of this golf tournament looks promising as well. Eddy tells FOX 4 News, that Web.com Tour officials have a plan in place that could put Johnson County's professional golf stop on worldwide television within the next two years.

The action at LionsGate begins in earnest Thursday morning, with the championship decided on Sunday.

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