Some Royals fans complain playoff ticket plan puts families at disadvantage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Royals may soon punch their ticket to another postseason.

However, a new ticket plan may exclude some fans from purchasing tickets to playoff games. It's called the Stretch Run 10-Day Flex Pack. It offers a unique chance to become a season-ticket holder for the remainer of the season, but for fans who don't buy-in, they may be hard-pressed to find playoff tickets.

The Royals front office finds itself pondering the sale of postseason tickets for the third consecutive year, dating back to 2013, when the Royals narrowly missed the American League playoffs.

Royals Vice-President Toby Cook says the ball club puts its current season ticket holders first. That's why the Stretch Run 10-Day Flex Pack offers other fans a second chance to get in line behind season ticket holders.

"Effectively, you're becoming a season ticket holder for the rest of the year," Cook pointed out.

But for fans who aren't season ticket holders, or Flex Pack participants, a random lottery for the remaining tickets is the only means of getting into the playoffs, short of seeking tickets from a third-party.

"When you're waiting until the lottery, you're at the mercy of waiting to hear your name being called," Cook said.

The cheapest cost of buying the 10-game pack is just north of of $1,200 per seat -- and it merely guarantees the chance to buy playoff tickets.

For Royals fans such as Diana Deutsch from Lawrence, the price of buying the Flex Pack is too high. Deutsch says it doesn't seen quite fair to families with children.

"I think it's a little limiting," Deutsch said. "With school, you can't get over here for a seven o-clock, or even earlier game. It makes a lot of problems and things because they're playing sports in their school."

Royals fan Frank Parker from Lees Summit disagrees. Parker says he hopes the Flex Plan will help him take his son to a playoff game at the K.

"I think it's fair," Parker said. "It takes support to get anything in life. This is an opportunity to support the team. The lottery is great, but I really want to have a better chance."

When the 2014 American League began, many Royals ticket were sold via the team's website, and the rush resulted in a massive server crash. Cook tells FOX 4 News the ball club believes this new plan can also safeguard against future online breakdowns.

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