Burglary charges filed against man ‘held down’ by resident at Midtown apt. until police arrived

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James Parker charged with burglary in 1st degree.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Prosecutors in Jackson County charged a 56-year-old man with first degree burglary after police say he was caught red-handed by the resident.

Police say they arrested James Parker on Sunday, August 9 after he broke into an apartment at 4415 Jefferson Street, by picking the lock on the balcony.

When officers arrived, the apartment resident was holding the suspect down until police could secure him.

The 23-year-old male resident told police that he and a 23-year-old female friend had just returned home at about 2:00 a.m. When they went inside through the front door, the male resident saw a man standing in the hallway leading from his bedroom.  The resident said the man was holding his safe. The resident approached the man, shoved him into one of their bedrooms, where he held the suspect until officers arrived.

After police arrived, the male resident told police he noticed dresser drawers and a desk drawer had been opened and rummaged through.

When police interviewed Parker at the hospital, they say he told them, “I don’t know why the guy had to hold me down, I would have just given him his stuff.”

Police say he mumbled “Yes” when the detective asked him if he knew it was wrong to enter someone’s home without permission.

The resident said the safe was worth about $100 but that it contained an unknown amount of cash, personal checks, Social Security cards, and other personal documents.

In addition to the first degree burglary charge, Parker is also charged with theft-stealing.

Three weeks ago, FOX 4 reported on a balcony-climbing burglar who had hit several apartments in the Westport and West Plaza areas.

During one of the crimes, police say the burglar got inside a couple’s second floor apartment, and stole at least $200 while the victims were asleep.

Police and prosecutors have not indicated that they suspect Parker in these burglaries too, but reminded people that it’s always a good idea to use extra locking devices to secure their doors.