Local family hopes to adopt Chinese boy

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- The long process has begun for a Grain Valley family hoping to adopt a son from China, but the effort is picking up steam.

Hundreds of supporters are helping them raise the money to bring the nine-year-old to Kansas City.

"We`re going to love him just like we did our daughters," said Brian Wilson.

Brian, his wife, Jeri, and their three daughters are soon expecting a new member of the family. Nine-year-old JiaJia, who lives in China.

"His family is at an orphanage," said Brian.

The Wilsons say they always wanted to adopt, and JiaJia`s best friend was adopted by their family friends. After some hesitation they decided it was what God wanted them to do.

"Faith is very important to us," Jeri said.

JiaJia has Spina Bifida, and because of a botched operation, he was left paralyzed from the waist down. They knew their home of 24 years was not wheelchair compatible and thought about moving.

"We decided we weren't going to move," Jeri said.

"He`s coming to our home, this is our home, we've raised all of our children in this home, we`re not bringing him into something new," said Brian.

Besides remodeling and adding chairlifts, the Wilson's daughters have some plans of their own.

"We've decided on a Superman or superhero themed room, because a lot of superheroes have been adopted, so it`s kind of like going with the theme of adoption is good; look at all these superheroes you love that are adopted," said their oldest daughter, 26-year-old Cassie.

"We all love him so much already, and I naturally already called him my brother," said 19-year-old Jana, the youngest of the three girls.

At the suggestion of others, the family started a GoFundMe page Tuesday afternoon, and people have donated more than $43,000 in just one day in order to help bring JiaJia home.

"It`s going to be challenging, and we`ll have difficulties I'm sure, and he`ll have difficulties with the language and mobility, but God told us it`s all going to work out," said Jeri.

The Wilsons say it will cost upward of $30,000 to adopt JiaJia, but they can't wait to become a family, and hopefully give him a better life.

"I'm not so sure it`s what we`re going to give him, but what he`s going to give us," Brian said.

"God has a great thing for him, and that`s all we know, and that`s all we've been told, and I just hope we can bring some happiness and joy to him," said Jeri.

The Wilsons say the paperwork is at the Chinese consulate in Chicago, then the approval process begins through the adoption agency and China.

If everything goes well, they`re hoping JiaJia is here by the end of this year.