Locals gather to catch a glimpse of Wednesday night’s meteor shower

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LOUISBURG, Kan. -- All eyes are to the sky in Louisburg, Kansas as folks gather to catch a glimpse of the perseid meteor shower.

They gathered at the Powell Observatory Grounds on Wednesday night.

The observatory itself is closed, but that didn't stop folks from gathering there to check it out. FOX 4 caught up with Bob and Angela Gillett, who decided to make it a family affair,

NASA says this year the moon will be dark when it peaks, so it should be a lot easier to see than in previous years.

The Gillett’s say they want the little ones with them to take away something special from this night.

"Just how small we are, and the world is really big and that we should never stop exploring," said Angela.

“This is really cool. I remember seeing meteor showers when I was a kid. It's just something that you don't experience a whole lot and that's just real fun," said Bob.

"It's a magical night and it’s something that I wanted to share with these guys," said Angela.

The perseid meteor shower is expected to peak between late Wednesday night, and early Thursday morning before the sun lights the sky.

According to NASA, midnight is the best time to start watching.