Woman says when she went to clear out Excelsior Springs storage unit everything was gone

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- When Kimberly Romazon tried to take her stuff out of her storage unit in Excelsior Springs, she says she couldn’t because all of it was gone.

Romazon dropped off a vacate notice for her storage unit on July 9th. It gave her until August 9th or 30 days to clear out the space.

She first took the pots and pans, and left behind bigger furniture including a handmade hope chest her grandfather made.

Romazon says it had her name and the date it was made inscribed in the top right corner. It was filled with memories: her baby’s hospital bracelets, prom dress, and her high school cap and gown.

But when she came back to empty out the unit everything including the hope chest was gone.

“It’s just heartbreaking that someone would take that, sell that, or take it upon themselves to get rid of that when it has so much meaning to me and him,” she said.

But she admits to a mistake. In between pickups, she didn’t lock her unit. When she contacted Star Storage, she was told the unit was considered vacated on July 17th which came as a shock.

“We went to our storage unit and there was a lock on it that was not our lock. So that’s when I was like, I just knew in the pit of my stomach that something was not right,” Romazon said.

FOX 4 contacted Star Storage and in email it says the unit was vacated on July 9th, the vacate paper states that the unit is vacant and read to re-rent. And that “we don’t know anything about” the missing items. But Romazon said the unit was hers until Aug 9th.

“We did not clean it, we did not vacate our stuff so where is our stuff,” she said.

She added that the only thing she wants back is the hope chest because it is irreplaceable.