Bonner Springs groomer uses mouth-to-mouth CPR to bring dog back when he stops breathing

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BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. -- When a dog collapsed at Go Lizards Grooming in Bonner Springs, his groomer says instinct kicked in and she started doing CPR.

But Monday morning, Duke gave everyone at the groomer’s a scare.

“There was nothing, no warning, no indication that anything was going to happen. He just flipped over on his side. He did a couple of gagging reflexes and stopped breathing,” says Shelly Dunn.

Dunn, a groomer with 30 years of experience, quickly used CPR to revive the dog. It was the first time she used it even though she’s been certified by the American Red Cross since 2007.

“I got him back to breathing again and then he stopped again… so I had to resuscitate him a second time,” she says. “I had to compress his chest and give him mouth to mouth to get him to breathe.”

When owner, David Hicks, came back to pick up his 16-year-old dog he was relieved Duke was alive and well

“He never had kind of an episode like this before. He gets stressed out sometimes when he does to the vet,” he says.

Sixteen years ago, Hicks found Duke and his sister in a box on his porch attached with a note from a neighbor.

“We know you took care of your dogs, hope you can take care of ours,” Hicks remembers of how Duke came into his life.

Hicks says he’s never heard of pet CPR but now that he knows about it, he hopes others will learn too.

Dunn knows how hard it is to lose an animal. This morning, she put down a horse she’s had for 11 years so hearing about Duke’s good health is a good distraction.

“This one ain’t done. He ain’t even close,” she says of Duke as she pats his head.

The death scare won’t keep Duke away from the groomers. The store owners, Jason and Kelli Cruse, presented Duke with a certificate for free grooming for life.

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