Lenexa property manager helps save woman who says she was confined and raped by boyfriend

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LENEXA, Kan. -- The 34-year-old man charged with two counts of rape and one count of aggravated kidnapping appeared in court Thursday in Johnson County.  According to police, Anthony Darryl Allen was controlling and raping his girlfriend for four months before she escaped, with the help of people at Lenexa Pointe apartments.

The property manager of Lenexa Pointe Apartments says she was about to go away on vacation for a few days but decided to check the mail beforehand and she says she`s very thankful she did.

"I was going through the mail of what had accumulated on my desk since I had been gone and I noticed an envelope," says the property manager, Beth Galley, who says when the victim moved in almost a year ago -- she told her it was to get away from Anthony Allen.

"She ran from him in Minnesota," Galley adds.

Galley was going on vacation for 4 days - and came into the office to get things done before leaving, and saw an envelope with the victim`s name on it thinking she was just paying her rent.

"I found a four page letter, just reaching out for help, telling me she was being held against her will, she gave me his name, his social security number, and also she outlined what we needed to do to get her out of the apartment," Galley says.

Galley says the victim outlined the abuse in the letter - and galley immediately called police...they decided to make up a fake maintenance issue.

"We just came up with a plan, since she does live on the second floor, that the apartment downstairs had called in and was getting water coming through her ceiling," says Galley.

Mychael Ryes, the maintenance technician, knocked on the victim`s door and told her they needed to investigate and asked her to step outside.

"The look in her eyes was like I hope this is what I think it is," Galley says.

Police waited outside - and this led to a three hour stand off, but the woman was finally free.

"She didn't believe it was ending, she thought for some reason that he would not be going to jail," adds Galley.

Galley says she too is a victim of abuse so she could relate.

"Because I've experienced it myself, I don`t take anything like that lightly...It can be scary to tell on your abuser," Galley says, "But you can get through it, and you can reach out, and god willing, someone will help."

Galley says she spoke to neighbors after the fact to see if they knew anything.

"I said you know, did you ever hear anything, did you have any idea, and she said she occasionally would hear the TV turned up, didn't think much about it, but there was something odd - they were always together, they were never more than two feet apart," says Galley.

Galley says she hopes Allen goes away for a long, long time.

He will reappear in court in October.

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