Community leaders and clergy call for end to ‘senseless murders’ after shots fired outside funeral

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man and a woman are recovering after they were shot outside of Golden Gate Funeral Home on Saturday. A huge crowd of about 200 was gathered near 18th and Benton when shots rang out Saturday afternoon. The crowd scattered in fear.

The funeral home director says that about 45 minutes into the service for Raymond Jones, 28,  a gunman drove by the funeral home and fired several times. A woman ran inside the business after she was shot in the hand. A man also was shot in his ankle.

According to police, both victims were outside when they were shot. Funeral

28-year-old Raymond Jones was shot and killed during a triple shooting.

After the double shooting the gunman sped away in a dark-colored car, according to police.

When the shooting occurred, the family of Raymond Jones was attending his funeral after Jones and 35-year-old Charles White were both shot and killed during a triple shooting at 40th and College on July 30 in Kansas City, Mo.

Police are not sure if Jones' murder and Saturday's double shooting outside the funeral home are connected in any way, but continue to investigate..

On Monday, community leaders and clergy members surrounded Jones' grieving mother and called for an end to what they call senseless murders and gun violence.

"I'm just very angry that happened. You know I should've just been able to say goodbye to my son," said Brenda Johnson, Raymond Jones' mother. "The whole thing tore me and my family up."

The person who killed Jones and White has not been arrested.

"That's all I wanted was put my baby to rest," said Johnson.

So far this year, there have been 53 homicides in Kansas City; that is nine more than this time in 2014.

"I'm tired of doing vigils," said Damon Daniels of Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.