Grandview man contacts FOX 4 Problem Solvers after tree company fails to finish job

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. – A Missouri man is upset after paying a tree company for a job they never finished.

It's become a family affair cleaning up Tyson Jensen's yard.

Jensen said there were leaves and brush strewn across his yard after a company he paid to remove a dying tree left before the job was done.

"I've been cheated obviously," said Jensen as he stood next to more than 20-feet of trunk on his front lawn. "I paid him in full for half a job."

“Him” is Mike Dilday with Midwest Tree Pros. Jensen showed FOX 4 Problem Solvers the estimate Dilday's company gave him. It included hauling away all the brush and cutting up the tree into sections that Jenson would later cut into firewood.

Jensen's roommate had, unfortunately, already paid the tree service for the job after the workers promised him they would return the next day to finish.

"But as of a week now they haven't been back," Jensen said.

Jensen said Midwest Tree Pros will no longer even return his phone calls. That's why Jensen called FOX 4 Problem Solvers.

"I don't know what can happen (to help) me, but this is to stop it from happening to someone else," Jensen said.

Problem Solvers paid a visit to the Lee's Summit home of Dilday's with Midwest Tree Pros. No one answered the door, so we tried calling on the phone. Twenty minutes later Dilday called FOX 4 back. He insisted he had never promised to cut up all of Jensen's tree or reduce the stump to six inches. He said Jensen got one heck of a deal for $675. In fact, he said he had underbid the job.

We pointed out, however, that even Midwest Tree Pros' estimate clearly states that the company will remove all brush and debris, which wasn't done.

With that Dilday promised to finish the job.

Two days later more of that huge trunk in the middle of Jensen's yard had been sawed up, but a 10-foot section was still remaining. Plus the stump wasn't touched.

Jensen is running out of time for solutions. The city has already cited him for not cleaning up the mess.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers called Farage Tree and Stump Removal of Liberty. Farage is a company that's helped solve problems for us in the past and donated its services once again. It will be there this week to clean up the mess that Midwest Tree Pros left behind.